Dr. Lebzy González is a translator, scientist, and cultural observer. She seeks to enable greater technological exchange between the Spanish- and English-speaking peoples of the Americas.

Dr. González’s work has been published in Macromolecules, Chemistry of Materials, and the Journal of Physical and Organic Chemistry. She has authored and translated successful science and engineering proposals worth tens of millions of dollars in revenue and has been an invited speaker at seven international conferences. 

When she is not translating, you can find her traveling around the world (89 countries and counting!), learning about Spanish and English dialects, and marveling at the diversity of human nature. 

Her recent projects include translating patent specifications and scientific journal articles to be used in litigation. She also frequently provides pro bono translations for human rights and global social justice organizations.

For more information about Dr. González's experience and qualifications, please refer to her portfolio and LinkedIn profile.